A Musical in the Time of Covid: Ride the Cyclone at Carthage College

Ride The Cyclone at Carthage College

Cast on the second day of shooting

This musical was a rollercoaster and yes that pun was intentional. A musical in the time of Covid! What were we thinking? 

When I chose RTC for Carthage's Music Theatre Workshop Show, I specifically wanted to feature some excellent senior MT majors AND focus on a show that was ensemble-driven. Getting this show approved by the dean was HARD because the cast is so small and often Music Theatre Workshop Shows are supposed to be a cast of 18-22 to get as many folks on stage as possible to work on roles and have show experience. Who knew that my obsession with this musical and my insistence on working with a small cast was going to be such a blessing? Who knew that this was the perfect musical to do during Covid? RTC, a show about the resilience of the human spirit in the face of senseless tragedy, is a musical for right NOW.

   From L to R: Christine Barreca, Matthew Wrbanek, Nate Myers, Anna Brown, Ashley Veltman

None of us knew what we were getting into when it was decided that the show would indeed go on. Is this a movie or a staged musical? Can I have parts that feel like a movie? Can I add special effects since we are usually so low-tech in workshop shows? Do we even have enough lav mics for this?! How does one edit sound? 
St. Cassian Choir singing "Uranium"

We streamed our edited movie musical on Broadway on Demand and hundred of folks got to watch it all over the country. It was truly a celebration of the determination of so many to do art during this time. I was so proud of my students, and so grateful to my colleagues who helped make this a possibility. 
Tyler Meyer as Noel

Massimo Manfredini as THE AMAZING KARNAK
Matthew Wrbanek is MICHA BACHINSKI
Tyler Meyer as NOEL GRUBER
Nate Myers as RICKY POTTS
Anna Brown as JANE DOE

Anna Brown as Jane Doe

Director: Maggie Spanuello
Music Director: Melissa Cardamone
Choreographer: Mijiang He
Cinematographer: Asmau Diallo
Production Manager/Recording Assistant: Emily Carr
Assistant Director: Sareena Volkman
Assistant Music Director: Anna Brown
Costumes: Tyler Meyer and Nate Myers
Props: Christine Barreca and Ashley Veltman
Set and Lighting: Matthew Wrbanek and Massimo Manfredini
Special Thanks: Tommy Novak, Mark Bracken, Caitlin Preuss, Dimitri Shapovalov, Emily Rohm, and Rachel Rockwell


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