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"Out of the Room"

It has been four years since the world shut down because of Covid-19. It has felt like so much longer. I was so lucky to jump right back into work during "hot vax summer," when variants felt like they couldn't touch you and the world felt like it was going back to normal. (Normal...while you swab your nose with a stick every three days to make sure you were still a superhero, stealthily avoiding the virus that brought the world to a standstill.) I was so lucky to make the decision to step away from teaching and be caught by a breadth of work that was waiting for me. The Woman in Black was BACK! I was Associate Director for Jackson Gay on the World Premiere of WHEN HARRY MET REHAB (to get it's off-broadway run this Fall at the Signature Theatre!). I was on a plane twice a week, my roommates were helping me take care of my dog, and I remembered what it felt like to be an expert. To be valued. To be WORKING. And then the variants returned. Shows were canceled. The world