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The Woman is BACK

  Image Description: Two white binders on a table that read "The Woman in Black." One belongs to Robin Herford, director, and the other Maggie Spanuello, Associate Director.     The WOMAN IN BLACK has reopened Off-Broadway at the McKittrick Hotel! I was in the room again with THE MAN, Robin Herford, and the wonderful crew at the McKittrick. Audiences have been terrified, performance reports have been a joy to read, and I've been reunited with David Acton and Ben Porter from our first production pre-covid.      I'm also in the room with James Evans, who joins us again as the understudy for "The Actor," and Simon Hedger, who is the understudy for Mr. Kipps and joins us from the 2018/2019 US Tour. James was put on for two of our opening weekend performances and got  an excellent review ! I am a proud associate director.       Image description: Robin Herford, wearing a great shirt and his navy blue mask, next to Maggie Spanuello, wearing a black shirt and a bla